ReMake 1stFinal.001.jpeg
8:45 Game Time: design teams
Student/Teacher Design Challenge: moving from ordinary to extraordinary: designing off one side of the box
  • Each team chooses design piece
    • Options:
      • documentation & reflection
      • questioning
      • peer feedback
      • problem-solving
    • What role(s) does your "game piece" play in learning?
      • Why?
      • How often?
      • Why bother (why is this important)?
  • Walk-about: anything to add? (10 min)
  • Review provided resources for selected game piece (15 min)
  • Anything more to add to the roles or the why-buy?
  • Review lesson or activity: Identify & discuss standard(s) so academic goal is clear to all
    1. Locate opportunities to embed design piece
      • Design Tip: Practice is Key! Better to try one small shift several times, than a larger one only once
    2. Map out what it will look, sound, feel like for Ss & Ts: What will each be doing? How will it be different from before?
    3. If time, mock up a sample of student work that may come as a result of your design efforts
  • Team Reflection: What impact might the design tweaks you've made have on student and/or teacher learning?

Share & Tag Awards: whole group
  • Share - your activity/lesson
    • What? - what did you tweak in activity or lesson/
    • So What? - what impact do you imagine/are you hoping to make?
    • Why Bother? - why is this important (to learning)?
  • Listen - Hear, Think, Wonder
  • Tag Awards (label & hang)
    • what resonates with you about this activity or tweak?
    • write it on the tag and hang it on their jar

Team Reflections - (see below)