My Learning Journey

Name: Angie
Campus: Middle School
Grade Level(s): 8 and HS mixed
Discipline: English

My Destination Postcard:
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*Remember send them
  • Remember guardrails
*It's ok to celebrate


"If we're not challenging, we're not changing."
  • What take-away from our first session has challenged you the most? FInding a way to navigate the million resourcews that are available and keeping time outside of class manageable.
  • In what way(s) does that connect to or potentially support your selected focus?
  • How have you allowed that challenge to manifest itself in your practice? In students practice?


Drive, Dan Pink
external image Audacity-icon.pngThe reason for doing action research is to improve future action.

–Richard Sagor, Guiding School Improvement with Action Research, (ASCD professional development program)


The element of my practice I'd like to tinker with is....student engagement or maybe student reflection (both?)
I am thinking student reflection will utlimately engage students more.


  • Goal - The goal of my effort is to...decrease my voice in the room and to increase the students' sense that it is a place to learn not to "please" me

  • Question - The fundamental question I will be exploring is... How do students become invested in their own learning? How do they gain the confidence to ask questions? To acknowledge they have questions? To identify what they are interested in? How do I get them to see value in knowing who they are as learners?


The most appropriate type of data for me to collect as evidence of growth...

  • anecdotal records
  • student reflections
  • teacher reflections
  • observations
  • peer/colleague feedback
  • assessment data
    • rubrics
    • other formative pieces...

  • surveys
  • counts
  • student work samples
  • more...


My learning network will include (books, articles, websites, people, other)...

Class Sites:

Other Resources (thinking of Learning Studio concept):

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Twitter: #lpcsd