challengeassumptions.jpgMy Learning Journey

Name: Bill Duffany
Campus: High School
Grade Level(s): 10-12
Discipline: Social Studies
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My Destination Postcard:



"If we're not challenging, we're not changing."
  • What take-away from our first session has challenged you the most?
  • Most of the challenges I have faced since our last session revolve around time and . Finding time to develop, implement, and manage new ideas focused on purpose and increasing student ownership while balancing what needs to be done is a constant struggle. I have grown tremendously since our last session. I am continuing to push myself to grow even further. #stillfeelinginspired
  • In what way(s) does that connect to or potentially support your selected focus?
  • I have been spending a lot of time on continuing to develop my educational philosophy. Most of these efforts have been focused on creativity, problem solving, and thinking about designing authentic tasks with relevance that teach the skills students will need to thrive in our dynamic global economy. I've been watching lots of youtube videos featuring Ken Robinson and Tony Wagner.
  • How have you allowed that challenge to manifest itself in your practice? In students practice?
  • My ideas (challenges) have infiltrated my practice in most of my classes. After our last session we began a research project pertaining to contemporary global issues. Students were free to explore and choose a topic that interested them. We created learning journals for them which they used in the early part of the process. Students are now reading Animal Farm and blogging (and now they are blogging as characters from the book). Economics students are exploring economic inequality and giving the same presentation for the third time because it just wasn't good enough. These are just a few examples...


Drive, Dan Pink
external image Audacity-icon.pngThe reason for doing action research is to improve future action.

–Richard Sagor, Guiding School Improvement with Action Research, (ASCD professional development program)


The element of my practice I'd like to tinker with is creating an environment oriented more towards student-directed learning and ownership with a focus on purpose.


  • Goal - The goal of my effort is to develop purpose more deliberately in my world history courses that is broader than the test. I want to help my students pursue their natural curiosity, and I want them to explore these curiosities collaboratively in a digital environment.

  • Question - The fundamental question I will be exploring is what is the purpose of teaching my tenth grade students world history.


The most appropriate type of data for me to collect as evidence of growth...

  • anecdotal records
  • student reflections
  • teacher reflections
  • observations
  • peer/colleague feedback
  • assessment data
    • rubrics
    • other formative pieces...

  • surveys
  • counts
  • student work samples
  • more...


My learning network will include (books, articles, websites, people, other)...


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