"It is better to know how to learn than to know."Dr. Seuss

Activity Design:
Subject / Course / Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Activity Objective(s):
Focus of Professional Practice:
Targeted Elements of #lpcsd (please list any portions of or complete elements that are explicitly targeted in this activity)
*Round 1
Notes / Strategies for Differentiation:
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Summary of Activity: please provide a SHORT summary w/ just enough detail to allow another teacher to try this activity
Tasks:Describe the main steps of the activity/lesson/project here
  • Be sure to highlight opportunities for students to practice/employ an #lpcsd lifelong learning skill
Student Work Samples:
please share at least two student samples from this activity, with a brief explanation of why you selected each sample
  • Sample One:
  • Sample Two:
  • Sample Three:
Teacher Reflections: Please share what went well, what was challenging and any take-aways for you and the students
Tweaks, Modifications and Iterations:
please identify any adjustments you have or will make to this activity, based on teacher/student experience
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