"It is better to know how to learn than to know."Dr. Seuss

Activity Design: Documentation & Reflection
Designer(s): Michael Bringley
Subject / Course / Grade Level: Grade 7 science
Materials Needed: computers
Activity Objective(s): Students will be able to identify how to use energy sources to create an alternative energy plan for the US.
Professional Practice Time: Documentation & Reflection
Targeted Elements of #lpcsd (please identify any portions of or complete elements that are explicitly targeted in this activity)
  • Students pose their own question, problem, or challenge of interest
  • Students self-plan, direct, and assess the learning process with the support of staff
  • Students publicly document and reflect on their learning process at multiple intervals of the experience
  • Students reflect on the unintended learning outcomes of their experience
  • Students receive, reflect, and act upon continuous teacher and peer formative feedback
  • Students engage in self-assessment throughout the experience for the purpose of reviewing and revising their learning process
  • Student documentation, reflection and project artifacts are used to assist in self-monitoring progress toward student-generated learning goal(s)
  • Students complete steps of process in different order and at different times, sometimes skipping or repeating steps while learning how to persist and overcome challenges
  • Students work flexibly within the roles of teacher and learner, throughout the process
Notes / Strategies for Differentiation:
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  • .
Summary of Activity: please provide enough detail to allow another teacher to try this activity. The following are suggested pieces to consider/include
  • With what assignments/lessons/units was this activity used?
    • Energy usage, Energy types

  • At what point(s) in the process did students document?
    • Students document throughout the process

  • What did students document?

  • What documentation prompts were provided?

  • What medium did students use to document?

  • At what point(s) in the process did students reflect?

  • What reflection prompts were provided?

  • What medium did students use to document their reflection(s)?
Student Work Samples:
please share at least two student samples from this activity, with a brief explanation of why you selected each sample
  • Sample One:
  • Sample Two:
  • Sample Three:
Tweaks, Modifications and Iterations:
please identify any adjustments you have or will make to this activity, based on teacher/student experience
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