My Learning Journey

Name: Caroline Hambley
Campus: Elementary School
Grade Level(s): K-5
Discipline: French/Spanish

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My Destination Postcard
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"If we're not challenging, we're not changing."
  • What take-away from our first session has challenged you the most?Purposeful learning for teachers and students, connecting to learning and others.
  • In what way(s) does that connect to or potentially support your selected focus? Learning becomes student driven
  • How have you allowed that challenge to manifest itself in your practice? In students practice? Students are using technology to do research and to record and transmit their learning and projects


Drive, Dan Pink
external image Audacity-icon.pngThe reason for doing action research is to improve future action.

–Richard Sagor, Guiding School Improvement with Action Research, (ASCD professional development program)


The element of my practice I'd like to tinker with is....(3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Country Study for cultural awareness)


  • Goal - The goal of my effort is to...have students familiarize themselves with cultural features of several Spanish speaking countries. 3rd grade-Mexico. 4th grade Panama/ Columbia/ Costa Rica, 5th-Spain/ Guatemala/Peru/?

  • Question - The fundamental question I will be exploring is... (draft a focus question and subquestions and be prepared to revise these throughout the challenge)How/ what does knowing about/understanding land forms, animals, food and people help us understand /know about the culture and people of Mexico/Panama/Columbia/ Costa Rica?


The most appropriate type of data for me to collect as evidence of growth...

Activity 1: Students learned about the meeting of two continents and the Spanish/Native peoples history.
  • Arrival of the Spanish
  • History of the Panama Canal -builders and uses
  • the Cuna people and the San Blas Islands
  • Molas of the Cunas
  • Students research the Cuna and Molas
  • Students make a Mola with paper in the style of the Cuna
  • Students write a story about their Mola
  • Students create a digital postcard with audio and save and send to their parents.
  • __
  • anecdotal records
  • student reflections X
  • teacher reflections X
  • observations X
  • peer/colleague feedback
  • assessment data X
    • rubrics
    • other formative pieces...

  • surveys
  • counts
  • student work samples X
  • more...


My learning network will include (books, articles, websites, people, other)...Bo

geography, weather, seasons,
daily life, school, work, responsibilities/gender, celebrations, food activities, sports, music, art, leisure
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