My Learning Journey

Name: Dana Damp
Campus: High school
Grade Level(s): 9/10 11/12
Discipline: Biology

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My Destination Postcard:
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"If we're not challenging, we're not changing."
  • What take-away from our first session has challenged you the most?
    • There was a lot of technology and I need to pick and focus on one (wikispace)
  • In what way(s) does that connect to or potentially support your selected focus?
    • Wikispaces will allow more opportunities for my students to learn what they are interested in.
  • How have you allowed that challenge to manifest itself in your practice? In students practice?


Drive, Dan Pink
external image Audacity-icon.pngThe reason for doing action research is to improve future action.

–Richard Sagor, Guiding School Improvement with Action Research, (ASCD professional development program)


The element of my practice I'd like to tinker with is providing more opportunities for my students to explore topics/concepts/ examples they find interesting, and ways that can document their learning and share what they have learned with others.


  • Goal - The goal of my effort is to allow learners to explore topics that interest them.

  • Question - The fundamental question I will be exploring is... (draft a focus question and subquestions and be prepared to revise these throughout the challenge). How can I foster inquiry?


The most appropriate type of data for me to collect as evidence of growth... Student work samples and reflections

  • anecdotal records
  • student reflections
  • teacher reflections
  • observations
  • peer/colleague feedback
  • assessment data
    • rubrics
    • other formative pieces...

  • surveys
  • counts
  • student work samples
  • more...


My learning network will include (books, articles, websites, people, other)... People

    Twitter: #lpcsd